We are a specialist chemicals company providing color and functional materials solutions for different industries and fields around the world!

We are not only a product manufacturer of chromium oxide green, we are also a solution service provider for chromium oxide green applications.

We understand the key requirements of the industrial sector and provide comprehensive technical support and excellent supply chain for various products and market requirements.What’s more, we focus on product quality,compliance and service, which enables us to be closer to customers and save more costs for customers.

Chrome oxide green pigment is the core business of DELIKECHEM®. The history of our production of chrome oxide green pigment can be traced back to 1994. We inherit and continue the technology and quality of chrome oxide green in Jirong®, pay more attention to the expansion of application fields, and promote the renewal and progress of our products by continuous discovery and exploration.

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Raw materials: Most of our products utilize a process that reduces chromic anhydride (CrO3) to chromium oxide green at high temperatures. Although this process is more costly than other processes (e.g. sodium dichromate-sulfur), we pay more attention to the quality advantage of our products compared with the cost.

Process: We strictly control all aspects of the production, through experience and technology to control the trace indicators of carbon, sulfur, iron, silicon, etc., and to make our Chrome Oxide Green products more pure.

Particles: Our unique process enables us to produce not only conventional chrome oxide green products, we can also produce submicron chrome oxide green products with average particle size ≤1um, and large crystalline chrome oxide green products with average particle size ≥5um.

Environmental protection: Our pursuit of “zero hexavalent chromium” originated from the founder of JIRONG®, Mr. JIAO, and we are continuing and passing on our mission to promote the use of harmless “zero hexavalent chromium” chromium oxide green products, which are not only environmentally friendly but also greener and healthier. healthier.

Development: Chromium Oxide Green is not only available in powder form at DELIKECHEM®, but we have also developed dust-free granules and stabilized pastes.

Recent dynamic and professional manufacturer of chromium oxide green.


Kevin Shi

Vice General Manager

Sales and purchasing Responsible for the Chromium Oxide Green project